Mathilde Jeunet


Mathilde is a first year tattooer and she has an unusual path to tattooing.. She spent a decade in grad school studying punk subcultures, radical social movements, and heavily tattooed women. She quit her PhD in sociology in July 2016 to start her apprenticeship under the guidance of her longtime friend, Charlie Bear.

For many, getting tattooed is more than a mere body modification or an artistic expression, and she is particularly interested in tattooing as a social, spiritual, and/or symbolic practice. She believes she is privileged to be able to help people feel empowered and confident in their body.

Mathilde particularly enjoys the slow and intimate process of handpokes (stick'n'poke/ machine free tattoos). And when it comes to electric tattooing, she loves the long lasting effect of American traditional tattoos. Bold lines, a limited color pallet, solid contrast between bright colors and black shading, is in her opinion, the recipe for tattoos that will age well and remain readable despite the years.